FASAX Rhythm Circles

Music Therapy is gaining in popularity. Did you know…??? Studies have shown that participating in a rhythm circle on a regular basis has a variety of health benefits? These benefits come in the form of reduced levels of stress, fatigue and hypertension, anxiety, asthma, chronic pain, arthritis, mental illness, addictions, and even cancer by boosting your immune system by increasing natural T-Cells. It is a distraction from pain and stress, and helps the body to relax. It reduces negative feelings, and puts you in the present. It connects you with other like-minded people, which helps align your body and mind with the natural world. Drumming a group allows for self-expression as well as getting feedback from other drummers. Come, try it for yourself!

Everyone is welcome here! NO experience required, only the desire to try something new, and have some serious fun!

Lose yourself in the moment, feel the rewards of being happier, rejuvenated, and it’s a sense of accomplishment. Rid yourself of a bad day, and feel the support of others. We drum as a group through a variety of games and exercises. Just wanna sit in and not sure if you want to participate? EVERYONE is welcome here! Come and see what its all about in a safe and welcoming environment!

To book your own Fasax Rhythm Circle, please click here! Or send us an email if you want more details here