SO, I want to create today. I take myself into the studio and fire it up. As the gear comes alive and I log in- plug in- test levels,-and sit down to play… the phone rings. I take the call (its work & I probably should ). the call ends and I am back at the keys.

I record enable my track and BAMN! no sound from the speakers. I have input, but no thru put to the puter. GOOD GRIEF! Signal flow 101 and its all setup correctly. Audio hardware preferences- CHECK. Channel mapping- CHECK.

Frustrated and fearing Im losing my marbles, – I reach for the ipad. Time to noodle some rhythms. As i get going, I increase the volume. Have you ever increased the volume when your fav song comes on? or when you hear something you really like?- Does that really makes it sound any better? Well, at this point I dunno- but I’m having fun. “I’m creating”- i tell myself.

This carries on for some time now. I feel good. BUT! i decide to return to the keys and see if I can recreate that same momentum in a song. Well, I might be able to except I have no sound form the speakers!

NOPE.-NATTA- NEGATIVE. OH BOTHER! What would Winnie The Pooh do in this situation?

AH-HA… grab the headphones and CAPTURE the sound that way! And it works!

to be continued….