The Songs

If you’re like me… You hear rhythm and harmony in almost anything. Walking down the street, listening to the wind, animals & nature… Just stop. listen, and feel rhythm.

Ive had an audio interest for a number of years, and have written a few songs along the way… Taking long hiatus in between ‘Life events’, which I suppose is normal for most folks. I love to noodle and bang on things, which means I am a pencil tapper as well. Drives my coworkers nuts!

Hands on recording and acoustic are my preferred methods of doing things. One take, Each part, and hope I don’t make too many mistakes. That’s what happens when you wear many hats! Haha.. engineer, producer, musician, and writer…

At home….   I am a devoted pet mum and they are my everything. My sunshine, my sunset, and true motivation. Just one look into their eyes, and the world is good place to be. Best therapy I know, and couldn’t we all use some of that at different times in our lives.

Ive been all kinds of volunteer for several decades, and have a hard time saying no to new opportunities. Most recent years, Ive been involved with Edmonton Folk Fest (stage control, and pre-production), integrated drum circles for AHS patients, church choir, and other committees.

Volunteering with drum circles -It thrills me to see people who are quite apprehensive about the whole idea, and who may ”think they cant’ play an instrument- pick up a drum, and become part of the circle. Without even realizing it, they are playing rhythms, and participating in ways they never could have imagined. Those smiles and sense of accomplishments are what motivates met o keep doing it.

As a songwriter… Ive had some of my tunes played at weddings, and had a couple tunes heard by industry people’s. Once offered a recording contract – I decided to forego to pursue things MY WAY.  I NEVER intended to write for radio- but thru other avenues- I enjoy hearing peoples thoughts and how a song Ive been gifted to create has impacted their lives.   Truly Humbling, and so rewarding.

Present day- the songwriting takes a back seat to FASAX RHYTHM CIRCLES- and getting that up and running.

  1. Drums purchased-check.
  2. Facilitator training- check. More training?- in coming months. Can’t wait to see what this turns into!

For now… here are a couple songs written for others. Enjoy!

Apple Music

Number One Music